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How to Use a Golf Handicap Calculator

Golf. It is a sport that has more and more people participating in the United States, and it dates back at least 150 years. 

Right now, there are over 25 million people that play golf. These 25 million people can be anyone from kids to adults.

Those people also really vary in skill level. Some can shoot a score under 75 on almost any course, while others may consider it a great day if they can shoot below 105. 

One thing that can greatly balance scratch golfers and amateur golfers alike is a golf handicap calculator. A golf handicap can take off a certain number of strokes from the weaker player's game to get them more on park with somebody that may be a scratch golfer (they shoot around par). 

While the golf handicap formula is not as easy as subtracting your score from the course's par, it is not difficult either once you break the formula down. 

So, how do you figure out your golf handicap? This is your step-by-step guide. 

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Golf Improvement Guide: Why Beginners Should Take Golf Lessons

Many people do not realize how popular golf is in the United States. In fact, research has found that more than 100 million Americans have participated in the golf industry in one way or another. On top of that, millions of new players join the game of golf each year.

Of course, that also means that there is a lot of demand for golf lessons for beginners. But even more people might be interested in golf lessons if they appreciated the benefits that they provide.

So what exactly is so great about taking golf lessons when you are just starting out? Read on to learn all about the most important reasons you should consider taking golf lessons as a beginner!

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Tips for Putting Together a Tournament Planning Committee

On average, they say to plan about six months to create a golf tournament. That's because there is so much planning that goes into it.

From marketing your materials to the community, planning the type of food and drink you want at the tournament, setting a date, and gathering prizes, it's more than one person can do.

When planning a golf course tournament, you need to put together a tournament committee to get everything done. Keep reading to learn all about the different team members you should have on your committee.

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Golf Tournament Planning: What You Should Expect

golf tournament planning at stillwater golf and country club in st johns florida

Did you know that the number of golf rounds played in 2020 has increased by just over 20%? That's massive growth, to say the least. 

Finding players for your challenge, your golf tournament planning, and everything else in between shouldn't be a massive headache. 

There are a number of things you need to understand about golf tournaments before you can jump right in and start planning. Keep reading this guide to help make the planning process a lot easier. 

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