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An Expert’s Guide to Finding the Best Budget Golf Balls

Over 25 million Americans played golf in 2022, and golfers know that finding budget golf equipment is crucial. Whether it's cheap golf sets or budget golf shoes, finding something that fits your budget is never easy.

So how do you find the best budget golf balls to keep your golfing costs down? What are some brands and products you should look out for when searching for the best budget golf balls?

That's what we're here to look at today. Read on to find out more about how you can find the best budget golf balls in 2023!


Carver's golf balls are great golf balls for beginners, and it has an interesting purchasing model. You can purchase their golf balls as a one-off purchase, or you can opt into a monthly subscription model.

This means running out of golf balls at the wrong time will be a thing of the past. In terms of on-field performance, it has a great greenside spin and a great feel. If you're looking for a great value buy, Carver's the way to go.


Looking for budget golf balls doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality. Titleist is a mainstay in golf equipment, and their Tour Speed golf balls are one of the reasons why.

These are generally less expensive than other Titleist golf ball sets but provide excellent performance regardless. It's got a solid feel and is a great option for anyone looking to get more distance on their swing.


OnCore's 2022 Elixr golf balls deserve more praise than it's currently getting. It generates a lot of distance when it comes off the tee and provides a high but powerful ball flight.

It's a three-piece ball that has a durable and reliable urethane cover. For those looking for responsive and soft golf balls, these OnCore balls should fit the bill.


The Piper Black golf ball is another great affordable option that doesn't sacrifice quality for the price.

Comparable golf balls are never as cheap as Piper's golf balls, not to mention how much value you get out of their products. It's got a great feel, control, and spin, as well as good distance if you're practicing your long game.

The Black golf ball has a soft feel off the putter too. Have we mentioned how durable these balls are? Because they're extremely durable!


The latest from Srixon has a softer compression designed for gaining more distance through greater velocity. The Srixon Distance also has fewer dimples to give it better performance in any wind condition.

Even though it's a golf ball designed for distance, the Srixon Distance doesn't feel hard as a rock. We'd say that's an excellent choice for anyone looking at budget golf balls.


If you're someone looking to improve your swing using a low-compression golf ball, Callaway's Supersoft is the best affordable option out there. The Supersoft gives you some good distance without sacrificing any feel.

They come in various colors and pair well with longer clubs and hybrids. Currently selling for a little over $20 a dozen, the Callaway Supersoft is an excellent budget option for avid golfers.


Golfers with a moderate swing should get a kick out of the TaylorMade Soft Response ball. It has a soft feel and feels great off the putter face as well as with wedges.

Faster swingers will see a drop off in the distance, but those with slower swings will get plenty of great reps of their short game with the Soft Response. The best part is that they remain affordable at a little over $30 a dozen.

Cut Golf

There aren't many four-piece urethane balls that are under $30 a dozen these days, but Cut Golf's DC balls are one such instance. These affordable golf balls feel great on the green with great spin and control.

If you're looking for something that'll stand up to the wind, the Cut Golf DC balls are perfect for you. Check these out if you're looking for great greenside ball performance on a tighter budget.


The Vice Tour golf balls are some of the most versatile products out there. Their three-piece construction helps boost ball speed while remaining extremely durable.

It's also well under $30 a dozen, making it an excellent budget buy. The best part is that the Vice Tour ball doesn't sacrifice its affordability for durability.

The Tour golf balls are known for their durability, but don't let that fool you into thinking they're not suited for the green. They have a surprising amount of greenside control and feel, making it a real bang for your buck.


Honma is known for being a sort of premium golf equipment brand, but their A1 ball is becoming one of the best affordable golf ball options out there. It's lighter and softer than some of their other offerings.

Those who are just starting out or have a slower swing should look at these Honma products. They're both affordable and provide great reps in the long game.

Finding the Best Budget Golf Equipment For You

Buying golf balls on a budget is tough, especially if you're an avid golfer. Use this guide to help you understand what makes for a good budget golf ball and which brand is offering the best deals right now!

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