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Golf Putting: A Brief Guide for Beginners

Golf has been a common sport to watch, play, and bet on for a long time but it has grown significantly in popularity over the last few years. It's such an accessible activity with courses everywhere you go and the ability for anyone to pick it up, it makes total sense why so many love it. 

While it's so much fun to play, it can also be incredibly frustrating to have a bad round and go way over your typical score. Improving your golf putting game is a simple way to get your game back on track. 

Once you learn how to putt properly, you'll be amazed at how much better your whole game gets and how much more enjoyable a trip to the course is. Follow this guide with the best tips for putting beginners. 

Relax and Focus

A major problem that many golfers face is being too tight and rigid as they're playing through the course. This is the quickest way to get overwhelmed during the game and make simple mistakes that will bring your score down. 

Before you begin working on the technical aspects of your game, you have to learn to relax and focus as you're playing. 

This mindset will help you stay present and be able to fine-tune your skills. It helps when you go slow through your prep so you're not rushing through each hole using poor technique. 

Improve Strength

Sometimes the amount of strength and power that's needed to play all aspects of a round of golf is underestimated. Even putting, with its short and controlled strokes requires a strong back and arms. It's important to put in the work to keep these muscles in shape and ready to go for your next round. 

Following an exercise plan specifically developed for golfers is a great way to target those specific areas that will help your game. 

Study the Green 

The tricky thing about golf is that every round is going to be different with its own unique challenging shots. If you want to have a good score you have to pay attention to every single stroke you're taking, which means you need to develop a unique strategy every time you come up to the ball. 

Developing the skill of studying the green will help you make better decisions about those strokes. You'll know where to aim your putt and how hard to push by looking at your position relative to the hole. 

Get Lined Up Correctly

Alignment is key for every golf stroke, no matter which club you're using. But it's especially important to figure out in regards to your  golf putt. 

Since most putts need to be very tight and controlled, you want to make sure your body is in the right position to accomplish that. Focus first on making sure your hips and shoulders are straight and balanced so you can evenly hit the ball for a straight shot. 

Work on Stroke Length 

Most putting techniques are going to be very different than those you'd use for driving. You're not looking to have the most distance, so you have to learn how to reign in all the power. At the same time, you need your strength to go as far as you need it so some power is necessary.

Finding this balance is best done through several repetitions and continual practice with all different shot lengths. 

Use Video for Extra Help

As you're trying to implement all of this golf putting advice, it can be difficult to know if you're doing it correctly. 

Many golfers find it helpful to video themselves making all different kinds of shots. This way they can go back and review the tapes to see how they are doing. It's easy to spot issues with alignment or stroke power to make corrections when you can visually see yourself making the mistakes. 

Size Putter Correctly

Club size and length will make all the difference in how well you're able to execute the new putting techniques you're learning. Having the wrong set will make it almost impossible to really perfect your game and get to the level you're looking at. 

Take time to find the right set and get them fitted to your exact height and preferences. It's a good idea to ask the professionals at the golf shop which putter is a good option for how you like to play. They can help you try out a variety until one feels just right in your hands. 

Train With a Pro

One of the most helpful things you can do to improve your golf game is to start to work with a professional golf coach. They have a wealth of knowledge and tactics to share that will help you make huge improvements in your putting style. 

Instead of trying to figure everything out on your own, they can give you specific advice and show you exactly how to implement it. These lessons will become invaluable resources as you start to really work on your putting techniques. 

Practice Often at Home 

Make sure you're not leaving all of your effort and energy on the golf course or you won't see very much improvement. There's no substitute when trying to perfect a skill for as much practice as possible. Setting up a putting mat at home to get in several shots a day can be so helpful in promoting improvement and seeing a change in your game. 

Golf Putting Basics for Beginners

It's thrilling to put in the work and watch your putting techniques and overall game improve as you play. Once you've figured out golf putting you can move on to solidifying other shots you need to improve. 

The best way to improve is to get out on the course as often as possible to practice. Those new forms and techniques you learn will only stick if you go through them many, many times. And getting advice from a professional coach won't hurt at all!

If you're interested in getting lessons or setting up a tee time, contact us today!