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Tips for Putting Together a Tournament Planning Committee

On average, they say to plan about six months to create a golf tournament. That's because there is so much planning that goes into it.

From marketing your materials to the community, planning the type of food and drink you want at the tournament, setting a date, and gathering prizes, it's more than one person can do.

When planning a golf course tournament, you need to put together a tournament committee to get everything done. Keep reading to learn all about the different team members you should have on your committee.


The team member that is in charge of marketing should be the one to create marketing materials like brochures, flyers, and pamphlets to get the word out about the golf tournament.

They will also be the ones to reach out to people to get them to sign up to play.

Along with reaching out to individuals to get players, the marketing and PR person will need to reach out to get sponsorships. This includes sponsors for holes, prizes, and raffle items.

Event Activities

The chairperson for event activities will be the one who plans out the actual events that will take place on the day of the golf tournament.

From deciding what time the tournament starts to the raffle drawings and everything between, the event activities person is a crucial member of the planning committee.  

In addition to being on the committee, this person will most likely be the one who is announcing the raffles and speaking at the event.


While not everyone's forte is finance, someone has to step up to the plate to be the go-to person for finances.

This person is in charge of budgeting for the entire tournament and letting everyone else know what budget they have to work with.

Important things to budget for include food, course prices, admission rates for individuals, parking fees, sponsorship prices, and more.


When planning a golf course tournament, you can't forget that part of the planning has a lot to do with logistics. The person in this role will need to plan for all the nitty-gritty details.

For instance, is there enough parking in the parking lot or will there need to be additional parking areas? How much food needs to be ordered? How many golf carts will be needed for the event?

There will also be moments when logistical nightmares arise during the event or while planning that this person will need to solve quickly.

Create a Committee to Successfully Plan a Golf Course Tournament

Without having the right committee, planning a golf course tournament can be extremely difficult, not to mention it's time-consuming.

Between a logistics, finance, event activities, and marketing person, the tournament planning will go much smoother.

So what are you waiting for? Get your committee together and then book your course! We would love to host you here at Stillwater Golf and Country Club.