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Golf Tournament Planning: What You Should Expect

golf tournament planning at stillwater golf and country club in st johns florida

Did you know that the number of golf rounds played in 2020 has increased by just over 20%? That's massive growth, to say the least. 

Finding players for your challenge, your golf tournament planning, and everything else in between shouldn't be a massive headache. 

There are a number of things you need to understand about golf tournaments before you can jump right in and start planning. Keep reading this guide to help make the planning process a lot easier. 

Golf Tournament Planning And Types 

The first key step in planning a successful golf tournament is understanding which type of tournament you0'd like to host. 

1. Match Play Tournament

The hole-by-hole competition is the most well-known aspect of match play, in which the golfer who scores the highest on each particular hole wins that hole. This style of competition does not operate on a round-by-round basis; instead, you face your opponent head-on.

2. Stroke Play Tournament

Instead of competing against other players, you compete against the entire 18-hole course in this sort of competition. You're playing a complete round against your opponents, striving to outscore them with a higher score.

3. Best Ball Tournament 

Instead of playing as an individual, you will form teams of golfers and play either match or stroke play. The lowest score from each team member will be used to calculate the total score for each hole.

4. Scramble Tournament 

Scramble tournaments are a popular golf format in which teams of two, three, or four players compete against each other. The goal of the game is for each team member to pick one of their finest shots from each hole and play from that place again. 

The Next Stage

Everything necessitates a strategy. From the tournament's beneficiary to the course where it will be held, and everything in between.

Play a round of golf on the course where the tournament will be held as part of a test strategy to address any issues that may contradict the idea you want for your golf tournament. 

Four Things To Note 

Budget is one of the most crucial aspects of your event, make sure someone in charge of it has a thorough awareness of costs. Make sure that player fees cover the majority of expenses, and that sponsorships and event-day earnings help to boost profitability.

Sponsorships should be assigned to a member to make first contact with potential sponsors and maintain communication with current sponsors. 

Registrations are the responsibility of the committee. You'll want to make it known to potential participants who to contact if they wish to register or have any questions.

If promotions are done effectively, you won't have to worry too much about promoting your event because most participants will come from existing contacts; nonetheless, you may wish to delegate this responsibility to someone. They may take care of updating websites and flyers, as well as spreading the word.

Happy Swinging!

Now you're ready to get cracking with your golf tournament planning, from promotions to types of tournaments and everything in between. 

Finding the right course is the final step in creating the golf tournament of your dreams and guess what, you've found it! 

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