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Golf Tips to Improve Game

5 of the Best Golf Tips to Improve Your Game Now

Golfers who don't play very often can easily be frustrated by their game. But there is a saying repeated often among them: "there is one shot in every round that keeps me coming back." Our goal is to deliver some of the best golf tips so you are able to increase the "one shot in every round" to several and eventually to the whole round.

The number of golfers in the U.S. spiked in 2006 at just under 30 million (thanks Tiger!). By the end of 2017, although that number has dipped slightly, it is still close to 25 million participants.

Record Yourself

Before you can start working on something, you need to see what your swing actually looks like. You have likely watched enough golf to know a proper swing when you see one. Watching yours will help you analyze your own faults.

Your first impulse after seeing yourself on tape might be to sell your clubs and take up bowling. Resist that impulse! Focus on one thing in your swing you can begin to change. Your grip is a great thing to start with. Re-record yourself periodically to monitor your progress and select the next thing to work on.

Find Your Rhythm

This is an often-overlooked part of your golf swing. So much is made of the angle of the shaft at impact, keeping your head down, etc. All of those things are fine, but establishing a rhythm you can repeat for every swing will prove invaluable.

Have you ever been watching the pros on Sunday and heard the announcers tell us the golfer "got in out in front" of their swing? That happens when they alter their swing speed and try to smash the ball. It can also happen when they don't rotate their body properly.

Get Loose

A lot of amateurs don't take the time to properly stretch before a round. If you've already watched yourself on video, you may have noticed you don't rotate your body around in the same way as most of the pros.

Stretching is key to becoming as flexible as possible before your round. Learning to rotate your hips through your swing will grant you more power and speed than you have ever had if that's not already part of your routine.

Short Game Matters

Chip it in. If you've never chipped in from off the green in practice, why do you think you will be able to in the middle of a round? The strongest short game players will tell you how much time they spend around the greens practicing this important part of their game.

Master the Green. Practice is essential on the putting green. As long as you are stable over the ball, you can use whatever grip you feel the most confident with. Find a club close by and There is no substitute for big chunks of time spent with you and your putter.

The Best Golf Tips

It probably goes without saying, but the best golf tips are the ones you practice. Don't worry about trying to implement all of these changes at once. All good golfers have to exercise patience!

Enjoy the process, improve your game, and enjoy the game at a whole other level!

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